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Adam P. Newton

And I know that there was no criticism implied in your comment. I too work on a Mac laptop, have emergent tendencies, and spent 3 months cultivating a nice mustache and other chin-related facial hair.

And yes -- that IS the question. Is typing really conversation?!?


Adam, there was no criticism implied in my comment. How could there be? After all, I'm an avid laptop-user with emergent tendencies - but, I hasten to add, no goatee yet!


Now Adam, THAT is an interesting question. Is, in fact, all that typing really conversation? I think that needs to be answered!

Adam P. Newton

Hey, at least Tall Skinny Kiwi is capable of making fun of himself and other like him. Granted, he has a great blog that I do enjoy reading.

But still, all that conversation via typing?!? C'mon now! Is that really necessary?


Aw man ... I knew I should have just stayed in the Pen Pal Club ... I am the last person on earth without a laptop. Whatever will me and my Moleskin do?

What a great cartoon.


And if you want to know just how close to reality the cartoon really is, look here ...

Adam P. Newton

Brilliant cartoon. Absolutely brilliant....

And I can make fun of myself because I have a Mac, I blog, and I'm even attempting to grow facial hair.

Granted, I do like to write with a pen & paper often. Most of my poem/songs get fleshed out thoroughly on paper first. There's nothing like actually doing the writing yourself and not having a computer rearrange bits of light into the proper letters on the screen. Which is exactly what I'm doing right now....

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