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I thank GOD that I know you. It has been six years since my own brother left this life, and I grieve with you and rejoice knowing that they are now with our Savior, Jesus.


I was always greatly comforted by the fact that Jesus cried at Lazarus' death, even as he prepared to raise him. It comforts me to know that we can still grieve, even when we know that our loved ones have joined God.

I keep you and your brother in my prayers.

Bro. Bartleby

I recall the pathos when reading Augustine's Confessions where he is recounting the loss of his best friend:
"Mine eyes sought him every where, but he was not granted them; and I hated all places, for that they had not him; nor could they now tell me, "he is coming," as when he was alive and absent. I became a great riddle to myself, and I asked my soul, why she was so sad, and why she disquieted me sorely: but she knew not what to answer me."

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