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Transformation IS the key. Thank you for providing this blog and a way to react. Although I live "under" an abbey, I might as well be a million miles away. My house is a hermitage. Evil is everywhere. God pervades All. Heaven is Everywhere. I pray for forgiveness and for God's Will and Strength in defending against the mob and collectivism. Prayer is all, meditation is all, contemplation is all. I am grateful for the Silence. Thank you God.


I am a big fan of Hafiz... a Sufi poet who was rapturously in love with God. What I have discovered is that people who are really in a deep relationship with God seem to speak a common language, even if they aren't Christians. The language of Love... of God... seems to be universal.

I realize that this isn't the point of your post, but it was the part that jumped out at me! LOL.

[rhymes with kerouac]

Endless study and data-loading also gives me a sense of control over the process, insulating me from the scary reality of allowing God to have His way.

It's much safer to endlessly study clouds than to cast myself upon the wind, isn't it?


I live in this tension, too. You know one thing that I've experienced? Transformation not only transforms your spirit, but it changes your relationships and your relationship to your relationship. Not everyone likes having their place changed, challenged or moved...even for the better. Thus gathering information doesn't cost you friends...or at least doesn't cost you relational discomfort. Unless of course, your gathing info in a dimly lit room, by yourself, but that's a whole other tangent.

Thanks for the quote. Rob Bell makes an excellent point in his book, Velvet Elvis: If Christ is the way and the truth and the life, then wherever there is truth, it is Christ's. Certainly not to say that all truth resides within Christian framework, but where it can be found...Christ made it so.

Josh Klee

Hits me in the face. I love to collect data, but getting to the work of changing...tough.


Thanks for this quote. I've been wrestling with this issue in my own life the last few weeks.



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