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Tony Laing

Wow, what a brilliant painting! I was chatting to the artists' mother and she directed my attention to it. I have to thank the Lord for creating the conditions for her and the artist's father to come into existence, so that they could create the artist between them, so that he could create this deeply thought-provking work of high art. Thanks!


Thank you for this painting. I am a Quaker, I worship with a community who are not all Christ-centered. I have come to believe that Jesus does open himself to our doubts and our questions in exactly the way portrayed above. And that He loves.


When I was being called by Jesus, I was so full of fears and doubts. Somehow, I had the grace to take those fears and doubts to him. It was a long process, but, finally, with his help, I got it.

I love that painting.


that's an interesting thought - showing our scars. so many times I have tried to appear as if I have it all figured out and together and it's funny how it never seems to work out very well. if perfect Christ was willing to be wounded (and die) for my trangressions, who am I to act as if I am actually without sin? this is very humbling and you've got me thinking as nearly always when i read your blog. thanks for sharing this.

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