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Nice post Terry. I'm new to prayer beads but bought an Anglican Rosary a month or two ago. I've been using it since and it's been helpful to me. In my pocket it serves as a physical reminder to pray. When I pray, it helps me to focus and quiet myself.


As you may know, I am affiliated with the Baptists, but I recently discovered the beautiful tradition of using prayer ropes / prayer beads.

A couple of months ago, I bought Anglican prayer beads made of bone (weeks), petrified wood (cruciform), and a horn cross. I use it whenever I pray at home.

I also have taught myself how to tie Orthodox prayer ropes made of satin cord. I am currently tying a 100 knot rope that I will carry with me to use in my prayers throughout the day. I also tie these for others I know whose prayer lives could benefit from this ancient tradition.

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