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It is true, that as I was leaving, I passed him and he turned to shake my hand... and I did feel like I was the only one in the room. More than anything I wanted to just sit with him, in silence.


I met Fr. Keating last Fall. Wonderful and deeply spiritual man. There were people lined up to meet him, and yet when he spoke to me he acted as if we were the only two people in the room. He was truly hospitable, not mention quite warm and funny.

I posted about meeting him and what the experience was like at one point, and how the most powerful thing about the contemplative tradition is that it provides an outlet for EVERYONE to open their hearts to God in Christ. Our human made distinctions no longer matter when we enter into silence together. I think it is part of what the great mystics knew and tried to convey to us.

Enjoy the day!


Abbot Keating just spoke here in Providence. I posted about it at the Big Dunk. I only wish I had been able to go to the retreat. I have been practicing for almost 3 years and still feel like such a beginner! LOL

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