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Thank you.


The registered miracles thing is a modern issue, ancient Saints earned their reputation over time, and I don't know of any specific miraculous acts reputed to be through the influence of Valentine.

Ben H

I understand.
I was just curious to know what else St. Valentine was known for in order to achieve sainthood. I thought it was a requirement.


I think the idea was that it kept men focused on serving the Emperor and not being distracted by a wife and family.


was it so that only unmarried men could serve in the army.

Ben H

Not even the emperor of Rome was powerful enough to stop love, but if this story took place in today's timeframe? Would Saint Valentine have a chapel in Vegas?
After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
I hope no one thinks I am being disrespectful to Saint Valentine, because I'm not. I'm celebrating his legacy.
I wonder what his miracles were. Aren't miracles required to achieve sainthood?


I have always liked Valentine's story. I am glad your brother is home and resting with his family.

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