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Pisco Sours

This is my first Lent ever, but I'm going full out with the fasting and the prayer. My priest had to actually hold me back a bit and tell me not to try to do too much and burn myself out.

I'm excited. This is a perfect way to prepare for my baptism. Boo and yah.


This is my first go-round with the Lenten season and despite my protestant faith, I'm really searching for ways to celebrate this sacrifice that was made so that I may come to know God.

I have been blogging about it for a few weeks now, but am in final preparation for what I will be doing - including a retreat day at my church and a 40 day sacrifice to be named later.


I practice Lent! :)


I have only been a Christian for two and a half years, but for me, Lent has been a wonderful experience both times I have observed it. In fact, the entire church calendar seems to coincide so perfectly with my spiritual journey I am more and more convinced that it is NOT just some construct of men.

I started preparing for Lent by committing to reading the entire bible cover to cover. It is true that I won't get done before Ash Wednesday... I will probably finish it up sometime in early April. It has been an extraordinary experience to read the scriptures this way... straight through.

I will fast. I will ask the Holy Spirit to help me find the best choices.

And mostly I'll cherish the time alone with Jesus in the desert.


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