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uh, yeah, i fell for that one.


funny post and comments. loved the French friar! :-)

[rhymes with kerouac]

You really got me with that one...

And I can't wait to get you back!


i too laughed out loud!


Hahaha!!! Good one, MiT!


Good one! I love this :) wouldn't be at all suprised if there's some truth in it too!

blessings and no - no penance - joy from God is what we all need


Oh dear! You really need to do some penance for that.


That's a cheap pop!

Adam L. Feldman

that's really, really funny!

Damien Scott

In Monte Casino, the same service is provided by French friars.
(Sorry about that.)


I love it when people make me laugh out loud :). Thanks.

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