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Dan Paden



That wasn't actually Jesus? Whoa. Great acting.

Ben H

I must apologize. I didn't want to evoke hostile feelings. I just wanted to point out to my brother in Christ that I am a right wing Christian who doesn't aspire agree with a butt kicking Jesus. I was a bit sensitive, but I also took the time to email my brother and let him know that there weren't any hard feelings.


Or maybe some people should quit taking things so personally and abide by the old saying, "If the shoe fits, wear it."

Seriously, for a group of people who are always accusing poor people of having victim mentalities, and accusing liberals of catering to them, Christians sure do get their feathers ruffled easily. We picket movies, we condemn the Church Lady on SNL, and we whine that our culture is attacking us because someone makes a TV show.

Look, if YOU don't believe in the "butt-kicking" Jesus, then this post wasn't about you. But the fact is that a LOT of politically and culturally conservative people DO believe in the butt-kicking Jesus. It's directed at them.

Now, maybe in the name of fairness, Terry should make a post about the weak, push-over Jesus that politically liberal people believe in.


I am going to edit my post a bit, to be more clear than I usually am. I have always respected your opinion, and appreciate your input. I want to be understood, and as respectful as I can be, and the sin of pride and self-righteousness is ever at my door.

I wasn't speaking of conservative Christians as much as I was of Right Wing Politicians who use Jesus as a motivator for their followers.

I know some VERY conservative Christians who love Jesus and their neighbors sincerely. The real issue isn't so much what I see, it is what so many others see in what they believe is the Church or Christian followers. I have a hard time with Christians who spend far more time listening to Right Wing Politcal talk radio than reading the Word.

This is concept is just as equally applied to those who pursue Left Wing Politics, however that wasn't the topic in this post, and isn't often the case in the region of the country I live in. I will, however, insist that no Law or government of any human kind will roll back the Fall. We ALL need to repent and bow before the Throne, however to quote Charles Marsh "repentance is a tough demand for a people utterly convinced of their righteousness."

We need to have lunch again soon!

Ben H

The Jesus of the Right Wing? Maybe you should keep your personal biases out of your theology? I love you bro. But hey, I'm just a right wing guy. What do I know about the love of Jesus?

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