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chrysostom is quite the mystery to me, meaning that i haven't read too much of him. however, what i've found of his in the BCP or other writings i've loved immensely.

Damien Scott

I continue my prayers with you for your brother.

Regading Chrysostom, there is much discussion about his alleged anti-semitism, and I suspect one's own biases determine to a large extent how one interprets the evidence, specifically some of his homilies. As one wise priest told me, even the saints have a right to say foolish things. That does not give us a right to quote them to support our own foolishness. Nor does it give us the right to ignore the truths they proclaim, often with great personal sacrifice, as is the case here.

As a religious gay man, much (historical) anti-semitic speech reminds me of the things I hear from some religious leaders today about myself and those like me. I do not intend to imply any exact equivalency. In the case of Chrysostom, one lesson for me today is that people can be holy and spiritual with many wonderful qualities, and they are still shaped by the times and culture in which they live. They may have some very disturbing qualities, too. This is true today of some people who would deprive me of rights that straight people in America take for granted -- job secuirty among them. So I pray that John's golden-mouthed prayers may indeed open hearts and minds today, mine and those of our bishops and ministers, that they may proclaim the love of God and divine mercy to all people -- Jew and Gentile, male and female, Greek and Scythian, Christian and Muslim, gay and straight.

And may he continue to intercede for you and your family in this time of need.

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