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Damien Scott

I am united with you in prayer. All you holy men and women, pray for us!

Ben H

During this time I will pray that you and those close to you will not lose hope. In my opinion hope is not necessarily about getting what we want, but it is also about enduring when things don't work out well. It is hope that does not disappoint.
Right now one of my best friends has a brother with terminal Stage 4 brain cancer. It is inoperable. I have been thinking about Greg and there's no reason why I can't remember your brother as well.


terry, your brother will be in my prayers as well. if you could send me a set of the prayers i'd consider it priviledge to join you.


Mike survived emergency surgery to relieve an obstruction in his bladder. His kidneys have failed and he is on a respirator in ICU at the hospital. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers.



i'm with can I join you or offer anything to you during this time?


Your brother is in my prayers.


Thank you Stephen, I will email u.



What can we do? Is there a way that we can participate in this with you?


Praying for your brother. Lord have mercy.



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