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The Imitation of Christ is a good tool for contemplation. I am finding more and more that the early writings of the church fathers (say 1st through 3rd centuries) also have much to say to us today. It is amazing that things written so many centuries ago speak to things that we as Christians still face in the 21st century. Though so many think so much has changed, so much still remains the same.


I hope the fact that this post struck me as so true, and furthered a hunger in me that I be this way, is indication of the fact that I am learning this lesson.

I hope.


Brilliant stuff :)


I thought I was the only one who read The Imatation of Christ. It's good to find, in one place, not one but two Thomas à Kempis people.

Anthony Barnhart

I, too, am a fan of Thomas a' Kempis. His words move me nearly every time I read them. I remember this chapter very well. Everyone should read Thomas a' Kempis :)

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