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I would have to do some checking, but I think I remember the reason the Church chose this time of year to celebrate Christ's birth is to counter a pagan holiday that paid tribute to a a sun god.

Of course this doesn't take away from the truth of what Ben was saying. But I do think it is interesting how the ancient church chose this time of year as more of a statment and a symbol rather than the actual time that Jesus was born.

Ben Finger

This season of Advent I have been thinking on how as Christ was born into this world one day we will be born anew(resurrected) and as such the enemy has been rendered powerless. The season breathes of hope in the midst of darkness. No wonder the church appointed Christmas to be on or around the Winter's Solstice. On the darkest day the Light shines. Anyhow thats what I have been thinking on this season. Easter exists within Christmas. Christmas reminds us that our redemption is at hand and has come & is coming. Hope my simple ramblings blessed you.


Thanks for the reminder that our lives are filled with various seasons and the joy of disvovering God's presence in the midst of them.


sorry but could you make the font inthe main post a bit bigger .. I can't read it so well :(



I've enjoyed getting to know you this year.


I agree with Jules.

MiT, the way you are able to keep focused on God even in the most difficult circumstances, you've inspired me to draw closer to God too.


For us, life is all about time and yet, for God, His world is timeless. I wonder what season it is in heaven???

Blessings to you and your family MiT. You've been a real inspiration to me throughout this year. I thank you for the time and knowledge that you bring to share with us wrapped inside each and every post.

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