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Fr Dick
That is from the Message, and I am pretty sure it is more of a paraphrase than an actual translation. I, in almost all cases, don't care for it, however it does make me revist the text and meaning of the Magnificat, as well as other portions of Scripture.


What a horrible version of the Magnificat! I thought I knew about all of the mistranslations out there, but evidently I'd missed one. Thank you for pointing this one out, so I can add it to the list to warn laity against.


I am observing Advent with my children this season, and I am very grateful to find these verses here. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing this MiT. I have learned something I did not know! I also linked this post on my blog along with the one that Maggie Dawn wrote.

Peace. (or maybe I should say Rejoice!)


maggi dawn wrote about it too


isnt' mothering sundy in lent? Interesting link to the Magnificat though:)

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