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lovely post

have to check out the links still too :)


Hmmm... I don't get anything when I click on the Saint Nicholas link.


Thank you for the links! My son turned two this year, and my wife and I are trying to figure out how to teach him about Christmas, particularly how to make Jesus and not Santa Claus the central focus. It won't be easy when he's got four grandparents who love Santa Claus, but that St Nicholas site has some good ideas.


Good list of links here. I myself have spent much time recently looking into the depth of expectancy that fills the Advent season. After years in a Pentecostal church where the whole season was consumed with the Christmas play and finagling friends into pews to see the play (as cheesy as it was), I have been commissioned by my church to work through the Advent passages to make it palatable for our Children's Church teachers. I'd appreciate your comments on my postings at my new blog. Granted, by the look of the blog's title, you can also tell that I've been dissecting and expounding upon Genesis for use in our Sunday School classrooms. And BTW, if you weren't sure, I'm the same guy from and I hope that you've been doiing well....

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