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Thanks for this post. This post, Scott's, and Tim's really helped me put some things in perspective. In fact your prayer broke me. Thank you.

Scott Jones

My sermon is now posted where I deal with these issues. It is entitled The End.

Scott Jones

This morning I went to church. My predecessor at CoH was preaching at another local church this morning. She and that minister did a dialogue sermon in which they asked each other questions like, "Why do you call yourself a Christian?", "As a woman, why do you stay in Christianity given that it is so sexist?", "Why do church?" Many of the same questions that I've been dealing with this week and will be preaching on tonight. Our answers were pretty similar as well.

I think the common theme is that we all feel that it is still worth it because there is so much promise in the Christian story if we can just live it authentically.

And you hit on the rub. We can't even use the normal procedures to achieve our ends. Our ends and means are both different from normal human ways of doing things. It is highly inefficient! But that seems to be part of the point.

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