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Thank you for this post. I feel the same way, especially with some of the blogs I read. Sometimes I just have to withdraw from them and their negativity.

This doesn't apply to your blog, of course.



Wise words that I can apply to myself. Thanks.


Si comprende.

Lately I've toned down my need to know what's 'going on in the world,' and this has improved many things in my life - my mood, my reactions, my opinions.

When I first started my journal, I didn't think of it as a dialogue, but a monologue. That also changes how I approach a topic!


oh, those pesky desert fathers and mothers, always ruining our fun with their to the point stories.

Dan Paden

Aye, it's enough to make you want to shave yer head and become a monk--oh, wait--well, gosh, I guess one outta two ain't bad...

It has been a real struggle for me lately to keep my temper as I watch some of the vitriole being hurled as people accuse others of hate-mongering. As you are no doubt aware!

[rhymes with kerouac]

Ah, the heart. God longs for our heart, doesn't He?

Bill Hayes

Great post! Effecitve communication depends on content and style of communication -- we can't let an abrasive style overshadow good content.

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