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Bill Hayes

As always, a great post and great words of wisdom from the Monastic tradition. Shalom!


Now when I read it I thought about it from the standpoint of "him" being "Him." Put God at the end of that sentence and see what meaning you find.

It grows from the soil of His heart...I like the way THAT sounds.

[rhymes with kerouac]

I'm not sure that's what the elder is saying - that we are the author of all our misfortunes. In this quote he seems to be talking about bearing one another's cross, that is, about suffering with someone, taking their pain as our own. He seems to be saying that the willignness we have to bear this burden for another grows from a heart of self-sacrificial love.

But then, you're probably way ahead of me on that one - and I'm okay with that!

Dan Paden

How often do I cause my own issues?

Heh. I don't know about you, but it is certainly true that every major problem I face today has its roots in an idiotic, immoral decision made in the past.

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