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May you feel God's love in this awful time. And may you also be God's hand that touches your brother as you wash him, help him to eat and drink and care for him

My prayers and my love

Dan Paden

I see people every week who cannot bathe themselves. Most likely, the hospital is providing all the useful equipment, but if they haven't given you a shower chair or bench and a hand-held shower, make sure to ask them for it.



We're with you, and we're praying for your brother and your family. Don't be cautious about asking us for stuff.


I have no soothing words to calm your fear and sadness...just know that we are all thinking and praying for you, your brother and his family. Let our thoughts and prayers help hold you up as you walk through this time of pain.


i see you all - his brother, his family - as anchors in his life right now. i am so sorry he is suffering.

i will keep you all in prayer this morning.

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