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I'm guilty of eating baby food that tastes like big person food.

I know I can describe steak...I've read alot of books, but at the end of the day I'm still only a beginner. A beginner looking forward to a great banquet.


I believe that is what makes Christianity extremely difficult to live out. We so engulfed in our day to day activities or we have other items that we care to focus on; we try and get our pastors, priests, church leaders to continuely feed us baby food, instead of us trying to feed ourselves.


One of the very first books my spiritual director gave me was a copy of the wisdom of the Desert Fathers. It has been so helpful in my path. It is true that turning the other cheek is supremely difficult. We can only do it if we are in deep relationship with God, I think.

And yup, there are definately days when I feel like eating baby food....


Our weakness is most evident in the wisdom of humility & strength.

The desert fathers were good for that.

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