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[rhymes with kerouac]

Mr. Dee, my father in law, whom I loved dearly and miss so much.


Kathryn loved that you mentioned those babies. Be blessed.


My parents, John and Joyce Warner,
my father in law Mark Fleming,
my wonderful music teachers John Walker and Grace Nockles and Cedric Alcock, dear friends Anne and Roy Grave, Joan Moth and those babes who died before birth, whom i loved and treasured while I could..


We remember all those who are always a part of our lives!

My Dad - Barney
My GodFather - Jim who was such a special light!
My Father-in-Law - Paul
My Step Father-in-Law - Joe
Our Grandparents - Bernie & Annie, Ogast & Violet, John & Marie, Bernard & Catherine
Our Aunts - Mary, Rita, Edna, Rose, Rita, Bea, Bridie, Eileen, Winnie, Vick, Anne, Mary, Helene, Nora, Winny & Mary
Our Uncles - David, Thomas, Larry, Howie, Tom, Ernie, Ben, Joe, John, Tom, Steve, Jimmy, Clifford, Jule, George, & Steve
Our Friends - Michael, Clancy & Lorraine
The fuzzkids - Sylvester, Muscles, Klondike, Finn, Birdgett, Cindy, Schrodinger & Midnight


Grandparents Karl and Frances, Hal and Jessie, Uncle Warren, and dear friend Bill.


my father, Terry, my great-grandmothers, Mama Gentry and Granny Brown, my husbands grandparents - shirley and Robert, my aunt Doris and Maybelle


Sorry for posting twice :) it was a slip of the mouse


(Poped over from Faith or Fiction)

My Oma - Mariane
My Grandma-in-law - Kaye
Good friend - Nigel
Aunty Caryol


(Poped over from Faith or Fiction)

My Oma - Mariane
My Grandma-in-law - Kaye
Good friend - Nigel
Aunty Caryol


Grandparents: Dick and Tracy (NO JOKE!)
Father in law: Barry
Grandma in law: Arlene
I am not sure about pets and I am not doing this to be funny (so feel free to earse):
Dog: Judah
Cat: Orie


Rosanne Barnhill Winter
Willard Winter
Mary Auxilia Conroy Evans
Jacob John Winter
Margaret Trisler Chapman Winter
Robert Conroy
Patricia Conroy
Ellen B. Gunderson
Arthur Gunderson
Karen Gunderson Evans
Robert Hamilton Jacobson
A. Phillip Clanton
A. Clinton Hutton
Isabelle Riley Hutton
Mary V. Lohoff


My great grandparents, Clell and Maggie.
My grandfather, Charles.
My wife's grandfather, Henry.


My Grandparents - John & Inez, Eunice & Carl; My uncles - Glenn, & Laverne; My friends - Jack & Tim (both of whom will always hold a piece of my heart), my GreatGrandmother, Julia, for whom I am named after, and Buffy, Willie, Lizzie, Emma Woo & Chelsea - my four-legged friends.


My dad Lewis, my grandmothers Mary, Mary and Florence, my grandfathers Harold, Tommy and Paul, my aunts Phyllis and Esther, my uncles Sam and Fritz, my cousins Sheila and Gary Joe, along with friends, Cheryl,Zora, Mary, and Billy Don.


in Finland we celebrate it next Saturday - all shops are closed etc.

and then it's celebrated int he Lutheran services on the Sunday

The anglican priest will travel down from Pori on Wednesday to hold an a service for all souls

gives you some idea how mixed up things are here in Finland sometimes.

praise God hallowe'en doesn't even get a look in :)

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