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A couple of books were published about the theological implications of Peanuts. I think Calvin and Hobbes (child and tiger, that is, the theologian and philosopher already having had their due) are past due the same respect.

As for the question, I suppose the Taoists would have an answer along the lines of "The one who speaks of goodness is not speaking of Goodness." Or perhaps more simply, "It is not good to speak of goodness."


C.S. Lewis seems to imply that it's neither. It has more to do with what direction you're facing. Some people, by their nature, act "more good" than other people. For those others, it might take everything they have just to smile at someone. That's why Jesus tells us to stay out of the judging business. You never know the raw materials that someone is dealing with.


love the cartoon.

Scripture says we should pray and fast in secret - so IMHO how we look is far less important than the character change that's going on inside.

That said, yeah we should set an example - not consciously but just because the Spirit of God in us runs over into the lives of those who meet us :)

Have a good weekend

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