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Bill Hayes

Keep up the woderful posts -- I am posting about and inking to most of them at my blog --
I want to "spread the word" about wisdom of the monastics -- and your site. Shalom! Bill


Rhymes With Kerouac - that was very well put!

I've noticed lately my ability to stop myself mid-condemnation and then re-examining these thoughts of stone throwing before I go hurling the stones. "Let go, let God" seems to keep floating up to my heart these days. I'm finding it to be a big relief NOT to be the sin police!


harder yes

and oh so satisfying to see them and love them as He does.

Your blog encourages and challenges me so much. I want to thank you for that

[rhymes with kerouac]

I've found that it is easy to love the unloved. It's much more difficult to love the unloving. But oh, how I struggle to love the unlovely.

I've learned that I am absolutely incapable of loving as Jesus loved. All I can do is to love Jesus, and allow him to love through me.

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