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i too am saddened to hear of your brothers diagnosis. i will continue to lift you all up in my prayers.



We are all here, surrounding you and holding you, as does the Holy Spirit.


I don't have anything to add to what others have said, except that I'm sorry to hear the news too. I'll keep praying for you and your brother and his family.


Oh MiT...I'm am so truly sorry to hear the news was not what you were hoping. I'll continue to keep your brother and his family in my prayers that his life continues to be filled with love and joy for the rest of his days.


I am so sorry to hear about this friend. May God be with you and your brother during this time. You are in my prayers.


You and your family are in the thoughts and prayers of many who care for you. I pray that GOD will have mercy on each of you.


So sorry, MiT. I said prayers for you and your family at Lauds this morning, and you will continue to be there whenever I pray.

Damien Scott

God's peace and strength come to you and yours at this difficult time.


Same here, thoughts and prayers with your family and you especially. If you need anything hollar.


sorry to hear of your loss and also your current pain. The Lord does give and the Lord does give away and yes we say blessed be His name.

And yet
it's right to grieve,
it's right to be angry and sad - and tell Him so - naked and vulnerable before Him is so painful, but it's the way to go bro

my love and my prayers


You are in my prayers brother.


My heart is sad for you and your family. I pray, somehow, we your sisters and your brothers may uphold you with our presence and our prayers.


May God's peace be with you and your brother. I don't know what else to say.

Dan Paden

I'm very sorry to hear of this.

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