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It's good to be reminded of this, especially when the weight of the world starts getting me down. Thanks for a very timely post!


oh oh oh awesome :)


The times when I have been closest to God are the times when I feel that church politics - sexual issues, creation/evolution debates, denominational battles, heck, even inter-religious differences - really don't matter. At the heart of the spiritual is sitting on the floor like Mary, rapt in contemplation, not worrying about the cares of the world as her sister did. Thanks for this post. It's always exciting to discover a 'new' mystic!


Poor Mad Peter, that was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. What an unbelievable thought.


A Friend of Bill W.'s who i knew years ago once told me of a time when he was 12-stepping. He was in conversation with a sober friend, who was bitchy and miserable.

"Well, why don't you drink, then, if you're miserable?" my friend asked, half kidding.

"Can't! I'm a drunk!" the other growled.

My friend then remarked to me that sobriety is supposed to be a gift, and if it isn't, then something is very wrong.

"Supposed to be a gift" is a very good depiction of life, i would say. Your post sure resonates with me.


What a strange thought (grin)

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