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This is the first I knew of your brother (I've got so much back reading to do!) I will definitely keep him in my prayers.


I'm so glad for you and your brother, MiT.

A friend of mine professed final vows this summer, and the Te Deum was sung by the whole community at the end of the service, in the middle of lots and lots of smoke.

Beautiful and very inspiring. Bless you and your family.


I am glad to hear of your brother's good news. I'll keep praying.


Still praying, and praising God, the giver of all good things.


Beatiful words, I will pray for your brother


I am rejoicing with you brother. Thanks be to God!


I rejoice with Mike, his family and you, for the good news, and i pray that GOD'S goodness will continue too bless each of you and may HE have mercy on Mike.

Damien Scott

Te deum laudamus indeed! I love the Roman breviary version's ending: In you, Lord, is our hope; and we shall never hope in vain.
Never in vain. Never. Though our eyes not see it nor our minds fathom it here below.

I will keep praying, of course.

Dan Paden

Good news is good news!

Now if I could only praise God, even when the news is not so good.

This is a point that I have often made: if God works everything together for the good of those who trust in Him, it therefore follows that everything is a gift, though we may be too dull to perceive it. It was very hard to perceive when I was terribly sick back in February, but it came to my mind several times that the sickness was itself a gift, though I did not understand it.


So glad to hear of your good news. I will continue praying for you and your brother.

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