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ESV: Book of Common Prayer Daily Office Lectionary

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Thank you for your prayer....will use it, I promise


thanks for this! we are going to use it for a prayer and action gathering for Vineyard Central this week.




Thanks Br,
I will use this in my faith community.


Just so everyone is clear, I did not 'write' these prayers, I adapted them from a Uniting Church service (Australia) that itself was modified by the Rev. Laurel Barr.

Nonetheless they are heartfelt.


This evening I am home by myself and wanted so much to pray with another for those impacted by Katrina. My heart and spirit are so heavy.

Thank you for writing these prayers. Interweaving the response "Lord hear our prayers" is so poignant. It brings back memories of my childhood years in the Episcopal church. Prayers of the People are powerful indeed.

Tonight I read these prayers aloud knowing that I'm praying with others across the miles.


Amen. I think I'll print this out and pray it a bit.


Beautiful! I forgot to say a prayer for those affected by Katrina last night and now I feel so much better.

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