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One assumes then, that poor people have not purchased those same plasma screen televisions on credit?

I don't know how many poor people are poor simply because money has not entered their hands.


I really liked the post - thanks for sharing.

Blessings & Peace,


Perhaps we would much rather theologize about it, than getting our hands dirty. Guilty as charged. Thanks for this!


Sorry this is totally unrelated but thought my monastic friend might enjoy this article.

Monks Brew it Best


Good words Ben.


John Wesley said that he believed that serving the poor was a sacrament. That in serving the poor, not from a position of self-rigtheousness, or "I have something to offer you", rather from a postion of equality, will always allow God to give us a new grace in our life.


I'm learning just to look homeless people in the eyes and learn to speak to them and not be afraid of our differences. Treating them as humans is my first step. I need much mercy in this.

Damien Scott

A priest in my former community would somtimes, after having read the gospel for Mass, sit down and say, "After words such as those, it would be irreverent for me to make a comment."

After words such as these, clearly words of God, I too place my hand over my mouth, close my eyes and sit.


Come on Ben, you mean we shouldn't have a giant TV . . . that helping the poor might be a better way to spend our money? :-) Yeah, I often struggle with the lifestyle we Americans tend to live. I really believe Christians should live modestly. If we would do that, money would be available for Kingdom purposes. To me, it's about living simply with the Kingdom in mind. I'm still learning . . .


Great reminder to us brother. The Jesus of the New Testament fed the hungry, clothed the naked, lived with the poor. I don't know if he would have had a house in the suburbs with the 52 inch plasma screen. There are those that say, "well, maybe he wouldn't have, but it is ok to be rich and to have things". I am questioning that logic. I don't see the gospel in it.


Wow, great post! I especially love the quote from Saint Gregory the Great. So true...

Sojourning Pilgrim

Your post this morning is excellent. One of the biggest problems I have with living the Christian life is the challenge to balance all of the various angles of service. But the more I read the things Jesus said, the more it seems that He calls us to give ourselves to the lost, the least, the lonely, the poor - in essence, those who need the human touch the most.


"Every means Every".




Amazing post... thanks alot.


That quote from Mark 14:7 really struck me. Usually when I hear it quoted, the "you can show kindness to them" clause is omitted.


I learned about helping the poor the hard way. My apartment burned down when I was 22, and I was homeless for three days. Suddenly I was one of "the least of these." Through help from friends I was able to get back on my feet, but I can never forget what it's like to be on the other side.

Since then I've volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Mennonite Housing, and taken trips to Central America with my church to work on building projects. If there's one lesson I've learned from the fire, it's the value of having a home.

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