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Talk about taking God's name in vain! This is what that looks like folks.


Until this morning, I had not seen a complete transcript of the apology. On reading it in its entirety, I don't think his apology is sincere. You can find a copy here at the web site of one of the TV stations that carries his 700 Club.

Adam L. Feldman

bruce, where can we find a copy of that apology online?


well said :)


I hear that Robertson apologized this afternoon for the statement, after denying this morning that he had even said it.

Given his history of hate speech, I don't think he would have apologized if so many Christians had not voiced their objections. It's good to know that he is not entirely beyond being held accountable.


I've been surfing the blog world the past couple of days and this is one HOT topic!

I find it unbelievable that Pat Robertson said this. I'm sure next week his "PR" group will attribute it to "an undetected medical condition" to get him back out of this predicament.

In the meantime, there will be one more country out in the world who will think we Americans must all must be a bunch hypocritical lunatics and I'd have to say I am beginning to agree with them.

Thanks for reminding me that some of us still know hypocrisy when we see it and are willing to call people out on the mat for it.


I'm with you Terry. I've been thinking along the same line as you. What a shame that he's giving believers worldwide a bad name.

Unregulated Female

I am continually amazed at how easy the words,"that man/woman must die" roll off the lips of one called to bring life. Where are the pro-lifers now? Is it only ok to kill those who don't believe as we do or those who we deem to die? Not a baby, but a dictator. I have no answers only more questions.

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