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Damien - it doesn't sound strange. I've always prayed for the person involved when I hear the ambulance, police or fire-engine siren. I think that's the same thing.

Marvellen - congratulations to your son. That comment made me so sad.

and MiT - as this is your site - thanks again for the thoughtful post. I think openness and accountability are very important. A visitor today reminded me of that.

So often (esp as church leaders) we stop crying out to God in desperation and hide behind masks. At least that's what I was convicted of today. Thank God for sending someone to visit and then that came to light. No shame - only forgiveness and a chance to cry out
"I need you God"


I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but fell away a long time ago, and when I was born again in 1979, it didn't "feel" right to go back to the Catholic ways. Yet, I have such a hard time with my Christian friends who have such hostile feelings about anything Catholic.
A few years back I bought 2 Christmas pillows with which to Deck my Sofa during the holiday season.
One has a old time painting of the Madonna and Child and One has an Angel on it. They match in color my new comforter on my bed, and know, when I make my bed, I say the Hail Mary and Guardian Angel prayer I learned as a child. I don't know if I'd ever feel right about praying the rosary again, but there are many things about the Catholic church that I miss. My son just married a Catholic girl. Some of my friends have given me their condolences.


Great series of posts! I have often thought about using a rosary. I grew up SBC and in my family, anything that even rings of Catholicism is frowned upon. Yet, I've learned that there's much value in many ancient church traditions (praying the divine hours, contemplative prayer, etc.). I'll have to consider picking up an Anglican rosary. I think the phsyical nature of it would be helpful to me.

Damien Scott

This may seem silly because it is too simple...
In the monastery, we were encouraged to find ways of inserting prayer into ordinary activity: say an Our Father whenever you go up the stairs, lift your heart to God whenever you hear a bell ring, etc. Over the years I have grown accustomed to praying briefly at stop lights (for patience?) or waiting in lines at the store; making the sign of the cross whenever I pass a city limit sign in the car; bowing my head slightly whenever I pass a church or a sacred image; saying the Jesus Prayer whenever I have repetitive work to do (stuffing envelopes, folding clothes) and so on. After a while, I found I am praying off and on all day, and this has helped the times set aside for more sustained and formal praying (Divine Office, rosary, whatever.)

Pick one thing (only one to begin with) and get into the habit. Just think how much better it will be if every time the telephone rings (or the light turns red), you think of God for a moment. As the old soap commercial said, Don't you wish everybody did?


Hello Rick,
I most certainly am! :)

Rick Grazzini

Reading Fr. Thomas Keating, are you?


I think we should all have at least a couple of people that we meet with on a regular basis. Their objectivity can be valuable when trying to make decisions. I personally meet with three other gentlemen every Friday morning for breakfast.

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