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Neal W.

Man, I'd drive to Oklahoma for an experience like that. It's funny to me that after growing up in the church, a monastery still sounds very exotic and new.


Count me in the "interested" category as well!

Tim Sean

Count me in, Monk. Shawnee would of course be very convienient for me, but I'd travel as well. I'll help, as well. It would be great to meet you. Maybe we should do that anyway, sometime soon. --Tim in Shawnee

Dr. Mike Kear

I'm in Oklahoma (Enid). I like the retreat idea. If there turns out to be enough interest, let me know.




What a great prayer. I so needed that.


HIKE! HIKE! HIKE! That's what men do! They hike, they live off the land, eat worms, and stop bathing!

Damien Scott

Well, it would be a long commute to Shwanee from the Windy City...

Anyway, thanks for the Merton prayer. It has always been one of my favorites. Sometimes all we have to hang onto is the belief that the desire to please God pleases God. We may mess up big time (okay, I DO mess up big time), but grace does more abound.

Let me know if you get your retreat group together and I will at least join in prayer.

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