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I think that's terrible that the Church didn't call or come.

But at least you did, MiT, and bless you for that. May C rest in peace, and light perpetual shine upon him.

Damien Scott

What matters in the end is that God was there with C and with J. And angels and saints and redeemed sinners, good and self-sacrificing pastors who had gone ahead, and some ministers (priests, bishops, popes) who were probably neglectful when alive, now given a chance to accompany the dying to the bosom of Abraham.

The first friend of mine who died of AIDS was a friar who died while his community was at Mass. They had just made arrangements to take him to hospice, after caring for him lovingly for months. He died while they prayed. I don't think he died alone.

Dr. Mike Kear

I add my prayers to yours, my friend.




I talked to another friend here locally, and got the same response. So that even kinda makes it worse for me, in that some of these large Churches take care of their people, yet this one did not. However, it must be the person at the top, making certain there is staff for that function, I suspect.


No, my husband worked for a VERY large church and they made a real effort at pastoral care. So it's not just the size.


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