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It is a great grace to be on the listening-absolving side of this sacrament, too. Although Roman Catholics no longer go to confession the way they once did, I spent many years working at a shrine where I heard thousands of confessions. It is a humbling experience to be invited into that place where God is at work in the life of people who come with such confidence in mercy and such sincere desire to live the Gospel more fully. As frustrated as I become with some of the leaders of my own faith community, when I remember the faith demonstrated by the people of God and that I witnessed in their confessions, I am strengthened in hope.


Confession seems to be in the air from some of the blogs I am reading. Heaven be praised for the myriads of ways God's healing touch reaches us!


Wow, your story is very moving... I always find it amazing when someone who goes through alot of suffering can still at the end affirm God's goodness. To me it shows not only strength, but holiness.


I haven't heard a more beautiful description of the need for the confessional. My wife and I were talking the other day,(both of us being raised in low-church evangelicalism), and I was surprised to hear her say that she thinks we would be better to have a place of confession in our church.
I wonder if the lack of the confessional is a hold over from the reformation, or, is it being sustained by our individualistic, and seperated society? Maybe both. But I do believe that many faith communities need to re-capture what it means to "confess our sins, one to another". I am glad to hear you are getting that wonderful opportunity in yours.


Yes, Lorna there is.
In fact, I have never been to Confession without it, and I certainly DO desire the counsel and direction! Often that includes penitence. Without the counsel and direction, the Reconciliation is not quite complete, in my mind. :)


It was good to read this. Confession is important as is absolution.

I was interested in the wording though "and ask you for counsel, direction, and absolution." Is there room for counsel and direction? And a desire for it (I don't mean in you, though you can answer that too if you want, but in general)

Too often we seem to rush though the confession, skip the counsel and direction and take the absolution forgranted instead of seeing it as a wonderful act of grace.

Sorry I'm ranting again. I should blog on this perhaps?

MiT - As a forgiven son, dearly loved by our Father, go on serving Him in joy and in love. :)

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