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Well, I consider myself high church and my my prayer aids are my BCP and an Angelus prayer card. I always say the Angelus before the Office and on some mornings and evenings when I feel that I can't say the Office I at least say the Angelus and more often than not it kickstarts me into the Office as a whole.


I don't have any experience. Just read about it here

someone commented that it's good to get down on our knees before God.

That's another thing we don't do in our local church (sigh). That said I wouldn't want it to be just something that's done at a certain time, but that there would be the freedom to do so. Yes.


No I haven't, can you give any details?


Just found out about Christians using prayer mats.

Have you tried or heard of this?


I "traveled" to your site from A Soldier's Blog. Just wanted to say that is a wonderful prayer you left for him on this, his 30th birthday. I'm keeping it to share with a friend of my daughter's who will celebrate his 23rd in the same location in a couple of weeks. God bless you in your walk with Him.


I am an post-evangelical who pastors an evangelical church. I have just over the past year discovered the Daily Office. I find that it is not strict or restricting, rather, it is freeing. It is freeing to know that I am praying with millions of other Christians. It is freeing to feel that I am connecting with an authentic historical faith observance. It is freeing to be wholistic in my prayers and not to focussed on myself. I know that the Daily Office isn't for everyone, for we are all different, but I recommend this as a meaningful way to connect with God and with the church universal.


tips or pointers? not likely from me. I was raised in a fairly conservative mennonite church where (as mentioned previously) the use of icons and other tangibles was never overtly taught as wrong, but was still given the impression that is was wrong. I am still uncomfortable with the whole idea. So how do I pray? Actually it often depends on my mood and the subject. Some days passionate and crying out...some days casual...I guess just kind of "hanging out" with God. Yapping to him about my day or struggles, then pausing to listen to what He says... I think we often get hung up on the "HOW" and miss the point: WHY we pray would be a better thing to focus on, along with the simple matter of just praying, no matter the method



Hopefully MiT will give more as he opened this. The methodist church is also pretty low as opposed to anglo-catholic but one thing that I've helped is to look at the prayers in the Bible and pray them.

Nehemiah 1:5-end is a favourite and reciting the psalms out loud is a great prayer aid for me. The Magnifict Luke 1:46-58 is awesome as is Zechariah's outpouring to God Luk 1:68 is enough on its own.

David was angry with God. So am I sometimes. I love to join him as I pour out my anguish and frustration to God. Try Ps 73:21-end

Blessings and looking forward to hearing more from people here. This is a great discussion MiT

PS a friend sent me a holding cross made of Olive wood. It's lovely, but I'm not sure how to use it in prayer. Any tips on that?

Blessings aThis is a great discussion MiT

neal w.

As a recovering fundamentalist/evangelical, I too mourn the loss of so much meaningful church history. Thanks for talking about this and for being my window into a world of faith I've never known.


I have no tips, because I'm looking to collect tips. I am engaging in some form of lectio divina as I understand it, along with some devotional aids, courtesy of Eugene Peterson. But besides those things, I'd just like to personally thank M-i-T for openly discussing such a pertinent topic in our spiritual lives. I look forward to learning from all of you.

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