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Thanks for the quiz info.
I scored the same as you did. Hhmm. Not surprising. But interesting.


You scored as Herald Model.

Your model of the church is Herald. The organization of the church is much less important than the urgency of announcing the Good News of salvation to all the world. The Holy Spirit moves the individual to belief in Jesus Christ and to do the will of the Father by sharing this message with others. As with other models, the narrowness of this model could be supplemented by drawing on other models.

Herald Model: 89%
Mystical Communion Model: 78%
Sacrament model: 78%
Institutional Model: 56%
Servant Model: 56%


Mystical communion... go figure.

Bryan Sherwood

Yes, I too scored as "Sacramental" which is rather funny considering my religious upbringing. :-)

Adam L. Feldman

interesting quiz. it seems that anything can be quantified now-a-days... even our perspective of the body of christ!


call me...Herald. Apparently, I want people to hear this Good News thing : )


Ah, quizes. Too bad I can't make a living just taking them.

Dr. Mike Kear

I am quiz addict. This one was quite interesting! I scored as Sacramental.

Sacrament model 72%
Servant Model 67%
Herald Model 61%
Mystical Communion Model 61%
Institutional Model 11%

Peace, Mike


Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the quiz - I too have fallen into the trap of too many online quizzes! My results were nearly identical to yours, and I appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Blessings & Peace,

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