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Scott Jones

Ordination this morning? Congrats.

Fr. Wilde

In response to Christopher's remarks: When St. Teresa of Avila visited her first community of reformed Carmelite friars, she discovered the superior sweeping. "Fray Antonio," she teased him, "what has become of your honor?" He smiled and answered, "I curse the day I ever had any."

Damien Scott

When I was stationed at the monastery in Wisconsin, I overheard a conversation between our young (40ish) superior and one of the eldrly brothers who had short-tem-memory loss.
Brother: "Are you ordained yet?" Superior: "Yes, Bx. Al, I'm ordained. I was ordained in 1979. I'm the prior."
Brother: "The PRIOR!"

(Unrelated but comes to mind...)
When I was serving my community as novice director, I attended a meeting at the monastery in Washington, DC. It happened to be Halloween, so another friar and I decided to go watch the crowd at Georgetown. I had made myself up to look like a cat (fantastic makeup kit, really!) and was waiting for the other guy. One of the older friars came by and saw me sitting there. He assumed I was one of the postulants and said, "I'm going to tell the novice master."
I replied, "I AM the novice master."


We do indeed need more like here. Imagine bishops and archbishops sweeping floors!


excellent talking to you earlier this evening. i imagine we have a similar example of servanthood here in nashville in sister kathleen flood @ stillpoint


Sister Barbara sounds like a very good person ! May God bless her .

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