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Whatever happened to God ?? After all He is alpha and omega despite what humans may say !!


Not only do we make Jesus in our own image, but we bastardize his words (& His Word) to say what we want it to say. It's all about exploitation for our own self-interests. We've become our own gods and we abuse God on our terms for our needs.


U.S. troop are anti-Christian. Proof positive at Christians can't support satan's army.


i read their "about us" link and it doesn't look to me like they are picking any fights for Jesus, only like they are in the ministry business for Jesus.


Jesus would have been a great fighter, but then He didn't have to fight mere mortals. His struggles were against more powerfull entities et al as elucidated in the Bible. .

Daniel Greeson

because we make Jesus into our own Image.

i didnt mind the IM, I was just away (the comp is in the office). IM me again, I added you to the buddy list.


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