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Which Biblical translations do you suppose are in use here?

Revised Standards Version?

New American Standards Version?

Queen James Version?

Phil Snyder

More-all Theology - The reasoning behind the Gospel of Prosperity

Eew-chatology - The realization that the end times are going to be rather disgusting

More-din-ation - what gives clergy their rather loud voices when preaching

Umm-ction - we're not really sure what this sacrament is.

Thanks for the laughs!


The Gospel of Math-few: Lections for the arithmetically challenged...

Damien Scott

Great stuff!

How about the Mynah Prophets -- prognosticating blackbirds

Pseudo-pig-grapha -- Muppet faux Gospel

Leviticuffs -- liturgical instructions for priests in cutoff jeans

Epleasiastic -- a minister who avoids upsetting the congregation with unpopular teachings

Abbut -- a religious superior who is a bit of an...


Ha! My laugh for the day!


too funny.

Dr. Mike Kear

Excellent!! Thanks!!




Some good ones - thanks for the laughs!!!

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