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I wish Jesus were here to set things straight.


Great post. And I agree. Tom Delay has to go on this list. Maybe twice.


First off, I'm going to throw Tom Delay's name into the ring of GOP members that preach/say/scream one thing and do another. Go check out his record concerning bribing officals for influence and votes, as well as his ties to energy. What's MOST notable about this behavior (since things like this, sadly, are standard political fare at the national level) is that the House Ethics Committee has NOT effectively censured him, has NOT removed him from positions of influence, and are actively seeking to REMOVE the ethics clauses that the GOP instituted in the House back in 1994. The House GOT RID of Gingrich for shenanigans worse than DeLay's, but they're keeping DeLay, the self-described "Texas Hammer."

But on to what's most important about all of this -- we're all sinful. It's as simple as that, or should be. What bothers me most about the moralizing on the Right (Christian or not) is that they rarely apologize for their moral indiscretions. Yes, they badgered Clinton about Monica (and he lied about it), but bring up THEIR improprieties and they accuse you of being apart of the Liberal Left out to impugn their honor and dignity and say things like, "How DARE you attack me?" It's the blatant and unapologetic hypocracy that bothers me most, from people who claim to be Christians and are actively supported by them.

Sigh.... Q from Ecclesiates was right -- "For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief." (Eccl 1:18 NIV)


I typed a very good response hit the wrong button and erased everything now the thought is gone. Oh yea, my point was that not only are politicians guilty of these professions, but everyday people are also, we will say we are something we’re not just to receive approval from the general population or just the crowd were hanging out with. I don't know about the part of rising up a generation not interested in fellowship in a church. The church has stood the test of time the last 2000 years and I believe it will make it until the return of our LORD...


Nice post. I would also add former Republican Congressmen Bob Livingston and Bob Barr to the list. I'm not sure if either of them were supported by the Christian Right. But both were very high and mighty about Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct. And then both turned out to have quite a bit of sexual misconduct of their own.

Dr. Mike Kear

A well written piece, MiT! The questions you raise should provoke us to think...and to pray.




I understood where you were coming from and you were dead-on. The hypocritical nature of many of the Christian right is unbelievable. Not that I am any better...


I know you are right, this isn't about Republicans are evil and Democrats are good. My point is about the self named Christian Right, and it's odd capacity to overlook sins of it's own memembers.

Clearly Democrats (who are a rarity among the Christian Right) are just as broken and sinful as any one else.


Good post. For me though it is more than just a republican/democrat thing. There are probably just as many democrats with sins that one could list. Granted to be claiming one thing and living another is harder to take, but I am not sure to just be living shamefully while not claiming anything is desireable either. Isn't it more a general state of people's hearts (especially so called leaders and guides) than a political thing? And I know my heart could use some improving.

Saying all that, I agree with your post and I really hate labeling things "Christian". If it (whatever it is) truly has the heart of Christ beating in it - I think it will speak for itself without anyone ever having to point it out.

Damien Scott

Amen! I ran across the post below on Mychal's Prayer and thought you might want to look at it. His approach is not necesarily Christian on all these points, but he has something to say:

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