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A couple at the community in Houston where I am involved have this sticker on their car -- "God Bless Everyone - No Exceptions". And THAT my friends is what we should be doing -- loving our neighbors, friends, enemies, and EVERYONE no matter what. We just don't hear such things preached in pulpits and spoken at press conferences by the "Christians" who are running thie country these days.

Steve Jones

I often pass church signs that read, "Pray for our troops." All well and good, but just once I'd like to see, "Pray for the terrorists." I think that would better represent the radical way of Christ.

Damien Scott

This reminds me of a New Testament prof I had back in 1985 at St. Louis University who said that the unique point in the moral teaching of Jesus was that we should love our enemies. The Golden Rule appears in various forms (perhaps often stated in a negative way), but the expectation that we should love -- not just tolerate -- our enemies is unique and unparalleled.

I don't know if that is true, but I know it is an expectation that is seldom met. I hardly ever hear religious leaders -- Catholic, evangelical, whatever -- putting this on the list of criteria by which to judge politicians, though, or themselves.

Wonder why?

Thanks for the plug for John of the Cross, by the way. I just mentioned his works on my list of most meaningful books on my blog. I enjoy reading your reflections, too.

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