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It could be the first time someone hears the word of GOD. So be it. Let the Rumble Beginnnnnnnnnnn!


That's f#(king stupid. Here's a few ideas

Christian titty bars

Christian mobsters

Christian revenue services

Christian kluks Klan.

Dumb things with Christian pasted on them are still dumb.

Unregulated Female

The "tapping into God" I'd like to do has foam on the top and comes in a chilled glass. WWJD? What Would Jesus Drink??


AMEN Brother - I have always hated that. Besides that you would think if we are so more "tapped into God" than the heathens of this world :o) we could come up with some original ideas instead of "christianizing" everything we want to adopt but are afraid of being contaminated by!


When this new wrestling league dies, it will go to heaven to be with the Lord. It has been saved from the fires of hell through the salvation it has found. Now if we could only stick the word CHRISTIAN to my xbox and my keg...

Damien Scott

Okay, you'll just have to find it on your own...

Damien Scott

Sorry the full URL on muscular Christianity didn't make it on my earlier comment.

Damien Scott

There was a nineteenth-century movement called muscular Christianity ( which was intriguing on many levels. When I was a seminarian, the guys found copies of books from this period with photos of muscular men flexing and posing to prove their manliness for Christ. Since so many of the seminarians were gay, this was a treaure: Vicatorian evangelical Protestant homoeroticism!
The large mosaic of Christ in the sanctuary of the Basilica-National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC is supposed to represent him as Pantocrator (Almighty), but the seminarians there usually call it the Beach Bully Jesus. I guess he is the UNIVERSE Wrestling Federation champion.

Unregulated Female

This way to the freak show... Sounds to me that the "church" has found one more way to market and package a product that the "church" might be drawn to and spend some significant amounts of cash on. What next? Wrestling for Jesus? WWJW? (who would Jesus wrestle?) I do have to admit the media and marketing folks will do what they can to promote another scheme for christians to dump their money and time into, for a program geared towards (excuse the oxymoron)christian entertainment, and promte another way to remove us from being involved in the community.

This reminds me of the joke of the power team that was so popular in the 80's. I am sure these guys are sincere, but pahleeze - how does ripping a phone book in 1/2 help me be more loving toward another person? Unless this is aggression therapy, count me out.

Although, this could present a "christian" venue for some good old mud slinging... For we wrestle not against flesh and mud...


Christian Wrestling??? Hmmm interesting indeed! On the one hand, I say YES! WAY TO GO! why? Because I'm sure there are christians who wrestle who would like to share thier hobby (and thier faith) with those of similar interests. No problem here. However, I agree...sometimes churches tend to make a program for EVERYTHING. Nothing wrong with that either, per se, but...often the focus drifts to the PROGRAMS rather then what the progams were origionally intended to do! Sounds like a good discussion topic! Anyone else interested?

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