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Hey. This is great.

I am an odd Baptist, I know. The congregation I serve celebrates the eucharist every Sunday. There is more to the rite than eating...the dining on the flesh involved a prayer of confession, a declaration of faith, a remembering of the works of God throughout history. To "dine in Christ" is to embrace God's very nature, the eternal font from which we were created. It is all tied together in the Upper Room...and we go out singing a hymn...into the world in praise of God.

That's where I am with it.


How in the world do you know what Jesus' intentions were behind everything he did and said. You must be a receiver of the "all-knowing" part of the imago dei.

Dahmer was quite deliberate in his actions, doesn't mean he should have done some of the things he did.

Contemplative? Ummmm Eating Jesus. Your right they are good. Who knew Jesus tasted so much like fish.


While I agree there is much purpose behind the words of Christ recorded in this passage do you truly believe that Christ never did or said anything without purpose behind it? Even things not recorded that were just part of his life as a human being? Just challenging a bit.


This verses are not meant to be taking lightly, they are to be Contemplative. Christ never did or said anything with out having a purpose behind it.


I've said before, and I'll say it again. I kind of wish that ol' Jesus could have just left this stuff out and gave it to us straight. Talking in riddles sounds cool, but you know how far it got the Riddler in Batman. See, same outcome.


What a wonderfully, inviting and rich image you have provided!!! It rings true to me!

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