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That's starting to sound kind of freeky there, Adam. Terry, some day I hope I get to see you in a robe tied with a rope, maybe even a hood. Do you get to wear the cool outfits?


Hey Adam,
No, as a Gregorian Friar, I won't live in a Monastery, we live in the world. I will stay here for the forseeable future, and as far as I know, my soap choices are my own...

We can go into more detail on Thursday if you want to get together again, BUT no Lap Dances! Don't know that I could explain that to my Brother Director.


just kidding, well, about the lap dance part anyway.


Do you live in a monastery? Do you have to move somewhere else? Does the bloggin end? Do you have to use your own soap that you make or do you get to buy it from the store? I'm kind of interested in what this whole "friar" thing is supposed to look like.

I'm glad for you. I think this is something that I can see you doing and enjoying. Me on the other hand, give me a beer and lap dance anyday and I'm happy.


I love that idea of making it hard to 'get in' (I don't mean that in a bad way). The church seems so eager and willing to take in and devour anyone that applies; no matter how ready, fit or capable they are. I sure could have used to structured mechanism to measure my readiness and capability before I jumped into (the quickly jumped out of) the pastorate. Because really, lets be frank, it's not real service until it's an occupation.

Don't be humbled, I like your blog and am interested in your decision and what you have to say about life. Besides, 'nothing is beyond all existential description'.


First of all, I want to thank you for reading my blog, I notice that you do that consistantly, and it humbles me.

Now, on to your very incisive response.

You ask "How did you decide that this was all for you?", well it seems to be placed in my heart from long ago. As an unchurched teenager who had left the SBC some years before, I was instantly attracted to the first Gregorian chants I heard. From then on it has been a growing (sometimes slowly) desire.

The Postulancy, Noviate, and temporary (Yearly) Profession Vows are designed to test the entering Brothers to determine their true Vocation. No one fails here, the process is to keep those whose Vocation isn't really the Monastic life from making a mistake. This process will take some years before I can make my first yearly Vows as a full Brother, perhaps around 6 to 8. I trust this process to refine my desire and test it to see if it is truly the one I think it is. I can't do it alone.

Here is a quote from Novice Br. Fender that totally floors me every time I read it.

"I never dreamed that the vow of poverty could enrich my life so abundantly. I never imagined that the vow of chastity would allow me to love so many and with such passion. I never thought that the vow of obedience would grant me such freedom."

What a humbling statement, I hope and pray that I could attain such Grace.


That's a huge decision. I respect your dedication to say the least.

I think the obediance is always the hardest (for me anyway) because it is not a solo virtue. Chastity is defined in itself, as is poverty and generosity, but obediance is defined by who or what you are being obediant to. If you are not chaste, then you are not obediant. If you induldge in wealth, then you are not obediant. It's the wrapper on your vows.

How did you decide that this was all for you? When and why did you know? (or do you?)

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