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Nothing pisses me off more than when people get treated as a means to an end. May those people burn in hell for all eternity.

Just kidding, I don't believe in hell :)


sorry, beer won't work in that scenario...better just do as the evangelicals and stick with grape juice.


Beer and soy pretzles!


Gotta agree with dreadnought on this one. My brother has wheat allergies too. Most allergics I know just take the cup; most recovering alcholics I know just take the bread. I'm still working on what to do for recovering alcoholics with wheat allergies... ;)


Christ is truly present under both Eucharistic species. The girl could and should have taken just the cup.

This is not really an issue, except when viewed through secular, politically correct goggles.

Damien Scott

There is an old joke about a priest telling the bishop about a problem he had at a wedding when the Protestant groom's parents approached for communion. Here it was, this very important day for the family, everyone was watching and yet he had clearly explained beforehand that only Catholics were to receive the sacrament.

"What did you do?" the bishop asked.

"Well, I stopped for a second and asked myself what Jesus would have done."

The bishop gapsed. "Oh, no! You didn't do THAT?"


Is it control or fear? Are they closely related? Do we get so caught up in keeping the letter of the law for fear we be found lacking, that we forget the spirit of the law? (i.e. we forget what communion is for in our focus to make sure we observe it properly). I am also reminded of where Jesus said that "sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath" (Mark 2:27)


One of the things that I think is wrong, is that there is a perception that Jesus hung around with these unsavoury people in the constant role of idol and icon. That he was always the teacher, always the preacher and always the spiritual heavy; using his authority to lead people out of their darkness and into a better life without ever actually becoming a real friend.

But Jesus was a friend to these people, and they were friends to him. They laughed & played, they joked & wrestled; they talked & argued. We have an easy time entering the lives of sinners as long as we are missionaries with a goal of covertion and rescue. We really hate watching christians leave the circle of believers, enter into the lives of real people and actually find comfort and joy there.

Good post.

Unregulated Female

Right on, Terry! Straining gnats again and swallowing camels seems to be the standard for some today. The issue seems to be control rather than a deep and profound relationship with Christ. The struggle of the believer vs the established religion.

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