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Chris T.

Sounds like there are some similarities in our spiritual journeys. I grew up in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and it took me some time to have my eyes opened on the women's ordination issue. But I, too, have been blessed with some amazing women in my life who were very patient with me through my ignorance.


As I understand it, St. Augustine felt some things were not clear from Scripture, and did not care to spend time fighting over them, when the time could be spent more profitably somewhere else. Specifically I think he was referring to Genesis, wether or not it was history or allegory.


Lord have Mercy! Unregulated females running amok! Run for the Monastery!

Unregulated Female

I HEARTEDLY agree w/ your thoughts about women in ministry. WHY is it so frightening to view God through another source other than what we currently know? (male, married, over the age of umm 45?) I am amazed at how much I learn when I am with people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

The limitless ways to experience and draw near to "the divine" is foundational for me. Art, music, writings, nature, people - am I more of a pantheist than I know? Not sure.

To quote the Vicar of Dibley " you were expecting a bloke with a beard, a bible and bad breath, and instead you got a babe w/ a bob (haircut) and majestic breasts..."


I like the Latin phrases, and always put the translation just below it in parenthisis

(It is better to make doubt of those things which are secret, than to strive about those things that are uncertain.)

Is it too odd? I am new at this blog thing, perhaps it isn't a good idea


Sorry, I know the translation, but what is he talking about with that quote?


I'm referring to the quote by Augustine, "Melius est dubitare de occultis quam litigare de incertis." What does it mean?


We are friends because of your "freaky tangents"...


I have been medatiating on that word, as a replacement for the Spirit, and thinking about how God "breaths" on us.

I see it should not have been in the title, OR I should have been more clear in how I see God's breath changing or becoming more clear through the years. Does that even begin to help?


I second that, I'm a little confused about what he is getting at. Other than that I enjoyed this post. I'm glad that you can see truth in the "younger, freer" generation. Perhaps that is why we can be friends.


Explain that quote for me. . .

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