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sounds great, you've have alot on your plate.


You are off to a nice start. looking forward to where you go from here...


I was gonna be upset that Rose tried to use my name. (The Heretic) but then I thought 1)She is a Heretic and 2)So is everone else here so it wouldn't be nearly as cool as I'd hoped. I feel very much as home here among all these hell dwellers


Well, there goes the neighborhood!

And teach us something useful in Latin, like, "what'd you like on your pizza!"

The Heretic...


Damn you all! I never get to be the first to comment. Anyway, You da man! Look forward to reading and being here.


Shot through the heart and your to blame...
You give blogging a bad name...
Just kidding. Just glad to be here, glad to be a part of it.


Well its about time Terry.

Looking forward to reading and responding!


Welcome to the jungle. . .


"The wasteland that is the church in Tulsa, Ok." Yep, not gonna fly with the religious authorities. Interesting how when the journey with God both pre the appearance of Jesus and post the appearance of Jesus turns into a religious wasteland, those in authority seem blind to the reality of just how bad and how far things have fallen.

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