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Unregulated Female

Really do not care for this metaphor. Sorry. To me this implies those who are not with "the mother ship" are adrift- floating lost and alone - looking for definition (like the mother ship knows?) Gack.

I don't care who I ride with as long as they are not critical and back-biting. I hate that. I'm thinking of the storm and peter's water walking adventure: St.Pete just wanted to hang out with Jesus. Safety was with HIM and peter wanted to be as close as possible. I don't think Pete was thinking "hey, why don't I walk on water?"

I just want to walk with HIM wherever that takes me and whoever's raft/ship/barge/floatie/ surf board that leads me to... OMG. I am joining in on the metaphor. Must stop or will not be able to disengage... i have this sinking feeling... aaaahhh... glug, glug, glug.


Two things 1)Terry, it would helpful if you put a recent comments section down one side of your blog. 2) There is no way in hell I'm clinging to a megachurch or major denomination during religious, spiritual, emotional, ideological, or any other trials. I think the image works only as far as the guy meant to take it. Metaphors are funny like that.


I think the motivator should be assessing the risks of either means of travel. If the large ship were to sink then everyone on board would probably go down with it. However the little rafts can't endure the storms like the ship can. That is why it is important to cling to the ship during turmoil and separate when the weather and the waves are calm.

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